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Woodland 'village' - Builders needed, young & old!

Posted on May 11th, 2011

Woodland Village Builders needed, young & old!

Miniature woodland village takes shape

As part of National Family Week, The Heights of Abraham is encouraging families to come along, create and play together whilst helping build a miniature woodland village. Once complete the village will remain in situ for the rest of 2011. It is hoped that thousands of visitors can see the end result of the weeklong event. The weather and surrounding wildlife will continue to change the village and eventually it will fall back to nature where it came from!

Our events theme this Spring has been very much around our woodland setting.

commented John Coulson, Marketing Manager

The new look Woodland Adventure play area has proved to be very popular and inspired the idea of working with Junky Monkey during this week long national promotion of bringing the family together.

Families old and young are invited to join Emma Parkins from Junky Monkey to create a mini mythical village made out of natural bits foraged from the woods and surrounding area. Families will hunt for nature’s treasures, such as sticks, feathers, leaves, greenery, and stones/pebbles. Using these and some bits that Emma will bring along with her, everyone will work together to build and create houses and strange towers suitable for all kinds of mythical folk to live in. These will be based around an old tree stump or put straight into the ground and located close to the colourful mural wall created at the beginning of May.

Even if the weather is not good, families will be able to create similar towers using a wooden base to make the structure on, and then transfer these outside. Emma will be using a simple weaving technique on the towers to create the basic structure. The rest of the creation will be up to the individual, with lots of advice and ideas available to hand. She aims to create mini gardens, paths, roads, fences, walls, mini signs and even washing lines!

To live in this village, families will have the opportunity to make some weird creatures and fairy folk. These will be made using interesting sticks, natural materials, clay and papier-mâché.
Emma asks

Hopefully Grandparents, Mums, Dads and Children will decide to leave some of their creatures to look after the village for the rest of the summer

She also requested,

Please feel free to bring any interesting sticks and bits with you when you come. For example if you have visited the beach and have got any good shells and drift wood that you may want to add, that would be great.

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