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RockShop at the Heights

Located by entering through the Long View exhibition entrance you will find rock and mineral themed gifts ranging from decorative stones, fossil specimens and jewellery in the RockShop.

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If you’re looking for a great souvenir, make sure you visit the RockShop. Here you will find rock and mineral themed gifts such as beautiful decorative stones that make a wonderful centrepiece, unique and collectible fossil specimens, and luxury high end jewellery.

We also have a brilliant selection of hand-picked Blue John jewellery, including earrings, necklaces and cufflinks. Blue John is a unique mineral to Derbyshire, and is mined locally in the nearby village of Castleton. It is recognised by the striking blue and purple zig zag lines that run through it.

The High Falls Film Theatre is located next to the Rock Shop and showcases two short films: The Cable Car Story and a tour through time and into the Great Masson Cavern. These films run continuously through the day.