The Tavern

The Tavern holds the oldest beer license in the area and used to serve the ex-miners and cave guides a pint after their shift in the caverns.

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Exterior of the Tavern surrounded by foliage with people sitting relaxing outside

Beautiful Beer Garden

Head down to the Tavern on the lower slopes and enjoy a pint of local ale, glass of wine or a refreshing cider in our raised beer garden, overlooking the pretty town of Matlock Bath. 

Close up of an ice cream in front of scenic views over Matlock

Gifts and Snacks

It’s not just beer down at the Tavern, you can also buy hot drinks, soft drinks, snacks and ice creams to enjoy, as well as browse our souvenir gifts available from the Tavern.

The History

In the 1800s, Upper Towers (the big white, castellated building) used to serve beer to ex-miners from one of the tower windows. Beer was more popular than water at the time, as it had been boiled to remove all unwanted elements, and water was unfiltered and often dirty. The Tavern was then built as a replacement to serving from the window of the house. All those years ago, the Tavern was no more than a small hut selling beer and bar snacks, but when the Heights increased in popularity a larger timber structure was built. This was later replaced by the building in use today.

Opening Hours

10am – 4:30pm

Please note, the downloadable menu and photos on this website may not accurately represent our menu which may be changed at any time without notice. For information please call 01629 582365 ext:224.