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Help for Ticket Holders

So you've booked your tickets, and we're looking forward to welcoming you to the Heights. Here are some top tips and answers to the most frequently asked questions by ticket holders.

Help about tickets, car parking, changing dates and missing codes

"I've lost my confirmation code, what should I do?"
Don't panic! If you give your name and address at the ticket office when you arrive we'll be able to locate your booking - but do bring some ID (driving licence / debit card / worldpay receipt) so we can verify your identity. 

"Help! I've made a mistake on my booking"
Mistakes do happen, and providing you've booked at least two working days in advance we should be able to help fix your error. Email with your booking reference, date of visit and details of the mistake. Mistakes can only be rectified in advance. 

"Can I change my booking date?"
We will change the date of your booking providing that we have availability on your chosen new date, otherwise we will offer you a later date. Refunds will only be considered under exceptional circumstances.  Email with your booking reference, date of original visit and proposed new date. Please allow at least two working days for date changes. We're sorry but we're unable to move your booking if you only contact us after the session has expired.

"We've booked the arrival session between 10:00am and 11:00am, what time do I need to arrive?" 
Please arrive after 10am but before 11am. 

"What happens if I'm late?"
We'll get you on the cable car as soon as possible, but you may have to wait for a while if you arrive later than your booked arrival time.

"Where is the car park?"
We don't have our own car park, but there are four car parks in Matlock Bath. Click here for full details. Allow extra time to find a parking space during school holiday periods, Matlock Bath can get very busy. 

"Are there queues to get on the cable cars?"
We are confident that even at very busy times you will not have to wait for longer than 40 minutes to board your cable car, and most of the time you will be waiting less than ten minutes. Even so, expect to queue for a while during the school holidays, and try to stick to your pre-booked arrival time to help things run as smoothly as possible.

Help about the weather and our operation.

Are you still open if it's wet?
Yes. There are undercover exhibitions, galleries, shops, dining areas and outdoor shelters at the Heights. The cable cars are also enclosed (with ventilation panels to allow the free flow of fresh air). 

What about Thunder and lightning? 
Summer lightning storms can appear with short notice, and to be on the safe side we do suspend the cable cars during electric storms. Usually service resumes fairly quickly, but in extreme circumstances guests may need to leave the Estate via the walk-down path if cable car services have been suspended. This is very rare. 

What about strong winds, do the cable cars still run?
The cable cars operate in light and moderate winds. As winds get stronger the team monitor the strength and speed, and the cars may need to slow down. In strong winds the cars may have to stop for a short while, starting up again when it is safe to do so.  

Help about cable cars, exhibitions, cavern tours and facilities

Will I have to share a cable car? 
Our cable cars have been adapted to provide additional ventilation so that up to 6 passengers can ride in one cable car cabin. 

How do I book a table at the Vista Restaurant in advance? 
You can book a table in advance via the Restaurant home page - click here. 

What does my cable car ticket include?
Your cable car ticket gives you free access to all the facilities, exhibitions and attractions at the Heights

Do I need to book for the Cavern tours? 
No they take place every 15 minutes or so throughout the day, just join the next available tour.