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  • A: Riber Castle (From The Amphitheatre)
  • Adventure Playground
  • Amphitheatre
  • B: High Tor from High Falls
  • Beer Garden
  • Blue Terrace
  • C: Matlock Town Views
  • Cable Car
  • Cable Car Base Station
  • D: By the Cavern exit (views of High Tor)
  • E: Tinkers Shaft on Masson Hill
  • Explorers Challenge Play Area
  • F: Outside the Visitor Centre
  • Fossil Factory
  • G: Towards Cromford
  • Georgian Pergola
  • Georgian Pergola Picnic Spot
  • Georgian Pergola Shelter
  • Great Rutland Cavern
  • H: The Woodland Corner
  • Heritage Walks and Picnic Areas
  • High Tor Viewpoint Picnic Spot
  • I: The Summerhouse
  • Ice Cream and Coffees
  • Ice Cream Kiosk
  • J: The Old Tavern
  • K: Upper Towers
  • L: Old Mine Shaft
  • Long View Exhibition
  • M: Wolfe's View
  • Masson Gift Shop
  • Masson Hill Picnic Spot
  • Masson Pavilion Cinema
  • Matlock Bath Railway Station
  • N: Victoria Prospect Tower
  • Picnic Spot
  • Picnic Spot (Adventure Playground)
  • Picnic Spot (Amphitheatre)
  • Picnic Spot (High Falls)
  • Picnic Spot (High Falls Pool)
  • Picnic Spot (Play Area)
  • Picnic Spot (Tavern)
  • Tavern
  • Tavern Gifts
  • Tavern Gifts and Snacks
  • Terrace Café
  • Terrace Takeaway Cafe
  • The Blue Terrace
  • The Gift Shop
  • The Great Masson Cavern
  • The loos
  • The Loos (Lower Heights)
  • The Loos (Vista and Terrace café)
  • The Rock Shop
  • The Rock Shop at High Falls
  • The Summer House
  • The Vista Patio
  • Tinker's Mine Shaft
  • Victoria Prospect Tower
  • Vista Restaurant & Bar
  • Vista Restaurant and Bar
  • Wolfe View
  • Woodland Corner
  • Woodland Corner Picnic Spot
  • Woodland Corner Shelter
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