Heritage Estate & Walks

Zig and zag your way around our 60 acre estate using the original routes that were built for curious Georgian tourists.

In 1780, an enterprising local man Dr Stephen Simpson, bought the land on Masson Hill and began to create a ‘savage garden’ for the tourists who were flocking to Matlock Bath. Over the years this garden became known as a pleasure ground due to the unusual and exotic trees and shrubs that Dr Simpson had planted.

Today, guests can tread in the footsteps of those from the past while they explore the modern day Heights. You may notice that there are gaps and openings in the shrubbery at certain points along the serpentine paths, this is deliberately done as a way to open up the different vistas of the Derwent Valley and the surrounding Peak District.

We have two restored heritage structures built in the 1800s that you are welcome to explore.

As you stroll through the woodlands remember these paths have been walked for over 230 years and many of the trees are older still. 

View from Heights of Abraham