Metallic cows

Metallic Cows

“What are three metallic life-size cows doing on the top of a hill in Matlock Bath?”…

…Is a question you may be asking yourself, when stumbling upon this web-page. The answer lies down the road at the country estate of Chatsworth. In 2017, the cows made their debut at the Chatsworth RHS flower show as part of the award-winning Experience Peak District Garden, designed by Lee Besthall.

The current owners of the Heights were visiting the RHS show at the time and came across the cows who had been put on sale. They were so intrigued that they decided to give one of them a new home, and bought it there and then. As they were leaving, they felt so bad for splitting the three cows up that they went back and bought the other two!

The cows are now placed underneath the Victoria Prospect Tower, forever grazing on the same piece of grass, with a view that expands for miles behind them (coincidentally, they’re also in a great position for photographs!).


"We are delighted that we were able to welcome all three of the quirky cows and keep them within the Peak District. We hope that visitors to the Heights will enjoy the opportunity to see these contemporary, captivating sculptures for many years to come."

Rupert Pugh - Director, Heights of Abraham