Heights of Abraham
Heights of Abraham

The Long View

See and hear our 230 year story about why the estate has been a favourite place to visit for many generations.

Why would anyone want to visit the Derwent Valley in 1700 when there were no roads, cars, buses or trains and travel was difficult and hazardous? The answer lies in the discovery of thermal water and the allure of the supposed healing properties which encouraged adventurous visitors to make the journey. As access and accommodation improved the area developed into a spa and became known as Matlock Bath. 

High above the valley, on Masson hillside, lead mining had been active for centuries but when the estate, now known as The Heights of Abraham, was formed the new visitors to Matlock Bath provided another source of income and some of the miners became cave guides. Over the years there were difficult times, extraordinary events and visits by famous people.

Discover more at The Long View exhibition… see and hear our story, one that unfolds over 230 years until the estate became what it is today.