Guided Cavern Tours

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Cavern tours are included in the cable car ticket price, hosted by our award winning Cavern Guides, and run at regular intervals throughout the day. Times are advertised at the entrance and outside the Treetops gift shop. Guided tours take place throughout the day, typically starting at 10.45am. Tours through the Masson Cavern take around 45 minutes, whilst tours at the Rutland Cavern are slightly shorter and involve less steps!

It is said that the lead mining in this area began in Roman times, reaching its heyday in the 17th Century. The miners are now long gone but in the process of excavating the rich mineral deposits they left behind a large network of naturally formed caverns and passageways dating back millions of years. Now, regular guided tours allow you to retrace the miners' footsteps for yourself.

The Masson Cavern

Experience first hand our spectacular cavern system as it winds its way deep underground and into the hillside. With the help of a state of the art lighting installation your guide will take you on a fascinating journey. From the light of a miner's candle to the whole chamber being flooded with colour you will see and hear all about the cavern's 350 million year history.

Enthusiastic and interesting tour guide for the Caverns. Fabulous views from the cable car and the hill top.

Paulineabba on TripAdvisor.

Rutland Cavern

Here, young and old alike can head underground to experience a day in the life of a 17th Century lead mining family. Once underground, John the miner tells his story recreating the atmosphere, sights and sounds of a working day. 

If you are unable to visit the Caverns, due to accessibility challenges (there are lots of steps in these caves which were created hundreds of years ago) you can now watch the Masson Cavern Experience in the Masson Pavilion. Film presentations take place throughout the day. Disabled access to the Pavilion is through the Masson Cavern entrance at the back of the Pavilion. 

Please note that it is not possible to welcome dogs into the caverns due to the possibility of them running off into the smaller cambers where humans are unable to go! Keep your dogs in the fresh air, on the terraces at the cafe, or follow the Waggy Tails Trail out across the woodland for a canine carefree experience.