School Visits

School, college and university group bookings are welcome. We offer a special rate for educational parties of just £9.50 per pupil when booking in advance.

At the Heights we understand that it’s important for children to have exciting and memorable experiences, enjoy time outside and just let loose for a while. Children of all ages need to make memories and try new things to develop and grow into healthy and happy adults. Our 60-acre estate is the perfect place to do all of this and more. 

The unique journey on the cable cars is just the beginning of a trip to the Heights. Our two guided cavern tours provide an educational aspect to your day, teamed with the wonder and amazement of being underground! At the summit of the Heights estate you’ll find a fantastic wide-open space to take in the fresh air and panoramic views and reset, refresh and inspire the hard-working minds of your class. Make use of our two woodland playgrounds to let your class blow off some steam and leave with big smiles on their faces

Please note that the range of facilities and tours may change due to social distancing restrictions in place at the time of your visit. Check our website for the latest information before you travel. 

Additional Educational Resources

Behind the scenes we're busy creating new Educational worksheets to accompany your visit. These will be available when we reopen for the 2021 season. 

Cable Car Ticket School Group Prices 2021


TEACHERS                FREE (one per ten pupils)

To make your booking, please click the link below and fill in our booking form.

Opening Dates 2021

Cable Cars, cavern tours and hilltop park open every day until October 31st 2021
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Health & Safety and Risk Assessment Document (Spring 2021)

We want your school to have a great and memorable day out with us, however we understand that teachers need to do a lot of pre-visit health and safety assessments. We have put together a risk assessment to help you with your plans. Please feel free to download it below.

Teachers are also welcome to come for a free pre-visit trip to see for themselves what their school trip will entail. Please phone 01629 582365 if this interests you.

The Heights of Abraham was built over 230 years ago for the enjoyment of Georgian tourists. When the show caverns opened up in the 1800s, the ex-miners didn’t take into account the needs of 21st Century visitors. Some areas of the grounds are steep and uneven, so you may need to keep your class under close supervision to avoid any scrapes and scratches! Accidents do happen no matter how hard you try to avoid them, so we have several trained first aiders on site to help you when an incident occurs.

Risk Assessment (with Covid measures)

Travelling by Train? 

If your school trip is coming from Derby or Nottingham, or anywhere along the Derwent Valley Line, you might like to consider travelling by train. Group rates are available on the train when you book in advance, and groups can save up to 26%. See this Derwent Valley Line schools sheet for more information.