Walk Through October

Pick up your free copy of the walking map in the High Falls gift shop or ask a Masson Cavern guide for more information about the walk along Masson Hill. 

1st Oct - 1st Nov

Throughout October we are giving away free Walking Maps for you to take yourself across the wider Heights estate along the top of Masson Hill, past various historical points of interest including abandoned mine workings and shafts.

The cable cars have already done the work for you in bringing you up the steep slopes of Masson Hill, so you can enjoy a relaxing walk and look back upon the Seven Wonders of the Heights as you head further out onto the hillside.

There are hills, valleys, nature, and wildlife to be seen along with far-reaching views of the Derbyshire Dales that span for miles. The surrounding counties can be seen from the highest point, along with the White Peak and Mam Tor. Masson Hill is a SSSI, specifically because of the Wild Orchids that grow at certain points in the year and the rich geological history that the hill holds. Enjoy the extensive Savage Gardens that the Georgian visitors once explored and take in the beauty of the Derbyshire landscape.